The Archives and Library of the Queer Movement (QRAB)

pratbubbla med svensk flagga

The Archives and Library of the Queer Movement (in Swedish: Queerrörelsens Arkiv och Bibliotek - QRAB) wishes to collect, organize, preserve and make accessible documentation and information related to queer movements and people.

QRAB was formed in the fall of 2017 as a nonprofit organization in Gothenburg, Sweden, out of the need and desire to preserve materials that often disappear from history - stories of bodies and loves that have been condemned, concealed and contempted. QRAB uses queer as an inclusive term, encompassing lesbian, asexual, intersexual, trans, bisexual, and gay experiences. By making these stories available to activist, academics, and the general public we wish to further an understanding of history that can inspire to a continued struggle for everybody's rights and full freedom.

The organization already has, through donations and depositions, a collection of approximately 1700 books, 1100 magazines, and 10 linear feet of archival records, and we hope you will add even more. Large parts of the printed materials are not catalogued in any library associated with the national LIBRIS-system, which makes our holdings especially interesting, and, at least in a Swedish context, unique. Within the organization there is also a broad competence in queer history, and many ideas on how to make the materials bring knowledge and joy to others.

If you want to contribute anything, we are very grateful! We accept both donations - that is, materials given to QRAB - and depostions - that is, materials on loan to QRAB. Materials that could be of interest are for example protocols, fanzines, photographs, posters, magazines, banners, sheet music, videorecordings, paintings, flyers - really anything that shows how queer struggles have been and are being fought.

Our collections are housed in the Regional State Archives in Gothenburg, where materials can be requested for viewing in the reading room. Contact us for requests and questions - our catalogue on this web page only shows parts of our materials.

The statutes of the organization (in Swedish) can be read here.

Do you want to join QRAB? Make a payment of 50 SEK to our bank account: 061 084-4, clearing number 9670 (JAK Medlemsbank, recipient Queerrörelsens Arkiv och Bibliotek). Fill in as much of your name as can fit into the message field (12 characters) and then send an email to In the email you can, apart from your name, also write your age and gender. In this case, genders can be "man", "woman" or "other", and both age and gender are only reported anonymized when we apply for funding from some donors, as part of their work for equality. If you don't want us to register age and gender, your name is enough. The email address you're sending from will be used for mailings and information from QRAB.

Please contact us to talk more if you want to contribute anything, want to use the organization's collections or if you're just curious about QRAB's plans and ideas.

I tell you: in another time, someone will remember us. Sappho, fragment 147